Feb 6, 2021 – Feb 7, 2021 February 6, 2021 – February 7, 2021
“OFFDEM’s location will be disclosed when we know it, and under conditions suitable for a joyful encounter without unwanted interference.” Brussels, Belgium

Already last year les petites singularités were arguing for smaller gatherings that would stigmergically[1] connect globally. While the global situation has pushed further digital concentration in the greedy hands of corporation, we stand behind this principle, and propose OFFDEM, a smaller gathering that is not affected by the impossibility to organize large gatherings.

The current crisis only increased the takeover of our lives by corporate online tools that create an addiction and format our interactions to their criteria. This brings us to acknowledge the pertinence of pursuing our dissenting line of conduct.

Free software tools bind with communities and actual life issues, they do not serve to replace existing human relations but to strengthen people’s agency and help organize the information they produce. We do not accept that our social relations be replaced by tools defined according to corporate agendas.

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