Calendify for Providers

Why your events are important for Calendify – and Calendify for you

With Calendify, we want to make it easy for people to keep up to date with all the events they are interested in. Our solution is to provide all their relevant events in one place. By the way, this does not have to be our platform, but can also be their preferred app such as Google Calendar, Outlook or Apple Calendar.

We see ourselves as mediators to make exactly that possible. We believe that nowadays no one should be forced to gather and keep track of events from different websites, social networks and printed calendars or to enter them into the calendar by themselves. This should happen automatically and without any media breaks.

However, a solution such as we have in mind is only possible if the majority of events worldwide are made digitally accessible through it. And that's why you are so important as a provider:

Please help us to support the people interested in your events by making your events public!

In turn, you benefit by gaining more loyalty from the subscribers of your event calendars. You will also attract new people and increase your reputation by providing a modern, up-to-date event calendar.

What are your advantages?

  • Synchronization of your events with the calendar apps of our users.
  • Making your events available for distribution to other content platforms.
  • Good visibility in search engines through our SEO.
  • Automation by connecting to your calendar interface. (Premium Feature)
  • Versatile possibilities to present your events in an attractive way. (Premium Feature)
  • Information and statistics about your subscribers. (Premium feature)
  • A growing community that celebrates you for your event calendars.

How affordable is Calendify?

We are convinced that our vision of an event platform for everyone can only work if everyone can participate. That is why Calendify is basically free to use. After registering for free, you can immediately publish an event calendar and fill it with events on a regular basis.

If you want to do more, we also offer several premium packages that provide you tools for professional event marketing. At the same time you help our calendar community to finance the platform.

How easy is it to use Calendify?

We understand that you are already managing and publishing your events elsewhere and do not want to have to spend extra effort to take care of another platform. That's why we try to make it as easy as possible for you to publish already existing data on Calendify:

  • For "comfy ones": Use our import features based on the iCal standard. If you have your own website with an iCal interface, you can easily automate the data delivery process. (This is a premium feature)
  • For "crafters": Use our API and automate very individually on your side a connection to our platform.
  • For "pragmatists": Simply enter your events manually by using our input mask. With the mobile interface you can make changes at any time while on the road, in case something changes at short notice.

What events should be part of Calendify?

We want to have ALL kind of events on Calendify. The reason, why we started our solution, is the fragmented "event universe": you can find specific kind of event collections on Meetup, Eventbrite, Facebook, single websites, printed calendars, and so on ... But it's really hard to find a digital place, where all these different kinds of events are available in one unified form. And exactly this is our aim: to make an unified „event universe“ possible. We know, it's a big task to reach this goal. But it's also - in our point of view - a big problem, which we try to solve. Therefore, every single event helps to get closer to our vision. No matter what kind of event it is. (Excepting „social desctructive events“ which are excluded by our terms – please check there for more details. :)