Eigenklang live

Kollektiv Eigenklang
Eigenklang is a unique interactive performance that weaves artistic and group dynamic components into a collective sensory experience. It is an experimental playground for your senses, an invitation to your playful soul and - for some - it can be therapy. We invite the audience to join us on a journey of sounds.
The performance collective eigenklang wants to explore the unlimited possibilities of improvised and interactive live producing. By using their magic tricks they manipulate your senses and create psychedelic Soundscapes of organic, electronic and human sounds between your ears. Using binaural microphones they are able to create multi layered soundscapes which are forming an artificial sound reality inside your ears. Each individual of the participating group feels connected to each other based on the universal language of sounds. It is a perfect exercise for equal status between everybody, intimacy and non-verbal communication through music. In the past 4 years the collective sailed through experimental ambient oceans, beat-heavy rap valleys, dub forests and technoid mountains, somewhere between radio play and live set, party and participation, tension and relaxation. The listeners at home can enjoy the 360° soundexperience by listening to it with headphones.

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