How events you miss get on Calendify

To make sure you don't miss a thing and see everything comfortably in your calendar app, we want to provide you with all events that are interesting for you in one place. This is our vision. Nobody has ever achieved something like this before and so we have a long and unknown way to go.

A big challenge along the way is certainly to reach all those with our vision who you would like to subscribe, recommend and share on Calendify. So how can we together make sure that the events you are interested in are available and kept up to date? The solution is very simple:

Just let the artists, clubs, organisations, companies, institutions or anyone else know that you miss them on Calendify and would like to subscribe to their event calendars.

In this way...

  • ... they'll hear about Calendify, in case they haven't heard of it yet.
  • ... they learn that there is interest in their events on Calendify.
  • ... they can let you know as soon as they are available.

You can, for example, notify them by mail, tweet, direct message or simply by speaking to them. We will take care of the rest as soon as they visit us. We inform new providers on special pages why our calendar community is useful for them and give them guidance so they can get started quickly and easily.