Sustainability Statement

We are aware that we are making an impact on the global climate by providing Calendify. Energy is needed to use our services. Our platform is operated in a data centre using 100% green electricity. However, we cannot avoid the use of electricity from non-renewable energy sources when transmitting data over the Internet and when using it on your devices. This results in CO2 emissions. The same applies to the manufacture of the hardware required to develop, provide and use Calendify.

Voluntary carbon offsetting

We cannot completely avoid the emission of greenhouse gases we cause. However, we can try to compensate by supporting the reduction of CO2 emissions elsewhere or by supporting projects to absorb CO2, for example through reforestation. We have chosen to compensate by supporting a forest project.

In the case of voluntary offsetting, it is first important to find out the level of climate-impacting emissions in order to get an idea of how much CO2 needs to be offset. For this we use the "Website Carbon Calculator", with which the emissions of online platforms can be calculated approximately. If you would like to know on which basis the calculation is made, you can find out more on the information page of the calculator. According to "Website Carbon Calculator", each Calendify request emits 0.28 grams of CO2 (as of March 2020), which is already less than most websites (an average website produced 4.61 grams of CO2 per request in March 2020). Assuming 100,000 page views per month, 16 trees would be needed to absorb the CO2 emitted annually by Calendify.

When Calendify was launched, we decided to initially plant 20 trees for future generations through the organisation "Trees for Life". In the "Calendify Grove" you can see the current status of the tree plantations supported by us. As soon as the amount of our annual page views exceeds the amount of CO2 that can be absorbed by "Calendify Grove", we will increase the tree population through additional donations.

Measures to reduce CO2 emissions

In our view, avoiding emissions is more important than compensating emissions. That's why we make sure to offer Calendify with low emissions.

These are our server-side measures to reduce our CO2 emissions:

These are our client-side measures to improve our CO2 footprint:

  • No display advertising
  • No trackers
  • User interface with low computation logic
  • Simple design
  • Availability of a dark mode

What you can do

We have only a limited influence on the CO2 emissions caused by the use of Calendify. For example, we have no impact on the devices you use to access our platform. Here are some suggestions on how you can help to reduce CO2 emissions when using Calendify:

  • Use clean electricity to charge your smartphone or computer.
  • Avoid unnecessary requests, for example when bored.
  • Use dark mode if your eyes can deal with it.

You are also welcome to support the "Calendify Grove" by donating a tree to help offset the emissions on which we have only limited influence.

Thanks a lot! :)