How to make unethical AI

There are a lot of high-level and often abstract AI guidelines being created, which talk about "human flourishing" and "ethics should be considered from the start". But what does this mean in the real world? In this session we take a 'bottom up' approach, and look at the real-world ethical conundrums that creators run into. To start us of we'll dive into the development of a BMI prediction algorithm that was created for “How Normal Am I?”, an interactive documentary about the limitations of face recognition technology, created by artist Tijmen Schep. He is joined by by Tom Simonite, a senior writer with WIRED in San Francisco, who has covered the tech industry’s soaring AI ambitions and the depths of its ethical dilemmas. Session participants are encouraged to share conundrums they have wrestled with. Try out before you join this session.

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