From ‘Human Centered Design’ to ‘Humanity Centered Design’: Towards an AI design methodology for the collective/public good

This workshop allows participants to explore (new) design methodologies for developing ethically sound AI that takes account of its societal context. Participants will work in small teams. Each team looks at two concrete case studies based on real life AI projects. For each project the teams will explore the Human Centered Design assumptions behind the project, how these assumptions focus on the individual user and what problems might come from that focus, and how a more collective perspective (i.e., seeing users as members of society) could have led to different outcomes. The teams will then connect with another team to see if they can come up with a set of changes that we need to make to our standard design methodology. These changes come in the form of: “Rather than ..X.. we will now do ..Y..”. This workshop used two worksheets ([part 1]( and [part 2]( and let to [these results](

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Type Workshop
Language English