Accessible Data Security

Zoom Room 3A
Maurine Chepkoech
Many have fallen victim to having their personally identifiable stolen or compromised. These pieces of information find their way to a black market for sale to the highest bidder. This leads to prevalent cases of identity theft, loss of funds among other heinous crimes. In a 30 minutes discussion with the participants and thereafter question and answer session, we will focus on: 1. Highlighting the rapidly rising cases involving data theft. 2. Educating on the various forms that data theft could take. 3. Featuring case studies of these real live scenarios. 4. Real demos of such methods in action. 5. Ways to secure one's data from theft. 6. Technologies that assist in data security. 7. How to spread the word Our aim is to significantly empower our communities with knowledge of how to secure their personal data and eventually stagnate the rapidly increasing cases of data breaches.

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Type Discussion - Capped
Language English