AI Ecosystems in the MENA Region - Networking Event

The MENA AI landscape appears to be vibrant, with many entities catalyzing smart technologies for digital transformation. Yet scarce amount of sources exist on what constitutes the AI MENA landscape. There have been efforts to bring together the pan-Arab AI community in conferences such as the Arab AI Summit hosted in Jordan in 2019, the Arab IOT and AI Challenge in Egypt. But details about key players and entities, policies and research, that revolve around AI are sparsely documented. The networking event will give us the opportunity to build a community around mapping AI initiatives/entities in the MENA, spanning across sectors from government initiatives to startups and research institutions/think tanks. We hope to seed the ground for future mapping research that is more granular. This is a networking session from the "AI IRL Hackathon - Building Trustworthy AI". Register here to attend:

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