The Narrative Future of AI - Hackathon

The future of digital storytelling will involve the increasing use of algorithmic tools, both to develop new forms of narrative and to find efficiencies in creative production. However, unsupervised algorithms trained on massive amounts of web-based text come with issues of bias most harmfully pertaining to gender, race, and class. The Narrative Future of AI, as part of Mozilla's Trustworthy AI working group, is seeking to review typical biases that occur from writing with the GPT-3 API, AI Dungeon. The outcome will be a series of science fiction stories and feedback from working group members on their observations of bias and problematic AI behaviours. This analysis will form the basis of our first set of recommendations for creative writing with advanced machine learning tools. This is a project sprint from the "AI IRL Hackathon - Building Trustworthy AI". Registration and more information here:

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