The Zen of Machine Learning (ML) - Hackathon

The Zen of ML is a set of community-accepted design principles for responsible ML practice. We have developed draft design principles over the months leading up to MozFest. In the hackathon we will expand, improve on, review and evaluate the design principles through iterative, interactive sessions. The end goal is to have a set of working design principles so that we can launch The Zen of ML v0.1 in the weeks that follow. Join us for fun, engaging and productive dialogue, and share your insights! We are looking for contributors with practice in using machine learning (beginner to advanced), programmers, designers, ethicists and linguists. After the hackathon we will continue to invite practitioners to review and give feedback on the design principles, and test the principles in real life educational contexts. Register here to attend:

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Type Contribute-a-thons and Hack-a-thons
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