FOSDEM Schedule 2021
Open Source Design

Own Your Healthcare Experience: An Open Source Path
Juhan Sonin
<p>We demand that patients own their data. We demand that healthcare services are open source. Because healthcare is too important to be closed.</p>

We are getting screwed.

We’re dying younger,

maternal mortality is ticking up,

and big money is running healthcare,

at our expense.

The data that drive our care,

the algorithms that dictates our parents care, our neighborhood’s care, our nation’s care,

and the everyday services we rely on,

feed on our experiences,

are governed by black boxes and crooked biases,

and are owned by others.

It’s our health.

Our very lives are at stake.

We demand that patients own their data.

We demand that healthcare services are open source.

Because healthcare is too important to be closed.

See how we, the atomic units of the health system,

can bend it back to the light.

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<p>Every year we take some time to introduce the Open Source Design collective, what we do, where to find us and how to get involved.</p>
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<p>CryptPad is an encrypted and open-source collaboration suite. One year ago I joined the team as a designer. In this talk I will present some of what has been achieved and reflect on the challenges ahead.</p>
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Christoph Ono
<p>Since the middle of 2020, an open community has formed around the goal of making Bitcoin more intuitive and accessible. Our big project is a Bitcoin Design Guide to help both designers and developers create better Bitcoin experiences faster. We also work to promote the idea of open design, to bring more designers into the space, and to help open-source projects adopt better design processes. This presentation will provide an overview of all these efforts, where we are (early) and what the ...
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Belen Barros Pena
<p>Most of the free software projects I know do little to none research with their users. Well: the vast majority do absolutely none, and very few do a teensy little bit, most of the time with the most vocal members of their user base. Why is that? Why is free software afraid of user research?</p> <p>This presentation will propose a classification of free software types based on their ideas and attitudes towards user research. The classification is really just a joke, but I hope it will help me ...
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<p>During 2020 I spent the year working with the maintainers of pip, the Python package manager. The project was to implement a new dependency resolver and improve pip's usability. It was a difficult project as I knew very little about software package managers apart from doing "pip install". How do you do UX design with a piece of software used by hundreds of thousands (possibly millions!) of users on a small budget? Where do you find those users? Combined with this the maintainers were under ...
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Kartik Choudhary
<p>My talk will be structured as follows followed by a short Q&amp;A,</p> <ul> <li>Why do I need to learn to code?</li> <li>Helping OSS as a Developer-Designer</li> <li>The approach to coding for OSS complexity</li> <li>Stuff to keep in mind to make meaningful contributions</li> <li>How to tackle a particular issue?</li> <li>Receiving code reviews effectively</li> <li>Where do I go ahead with all this new found knowledge?</li> </ul>