Developing Tools for AI Implementation Case Studies: Equipping Communities for Self-Authorship

The goal of this workshop is to develop a public-good template for communities to develop their own socio-technical AI Implementation Case Studies. Life is infinitely more complex than can be made machine-readable, more complex, dynamic, creative, and unpredictable than machinic operations can account for. This shortfall leads to devaluation, discrimination, and erasure of outlying social groups with dangerous effects. Rather than reify the promise of technological solutions, we believe in people power. Our focus on AI implementation examines how we might make interventions for the benefit of all. Blending ethnographic, social-science, and user-research methods, participants will come away with an actionable framework supporting their communities to produce qualitative case studies on how AI is interpreted and negotiated by real people in real situations. Resulting outputs can potentially be shared with developers of algorithmic and AI systems, as well as key constituents in policy and governance.

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Type Workshop
Language English