On View: COMPOST, a Distributed Publication about the Digital Commons

Art and Media
Mai Ishikawa Sutton
Our first issue of COMPOST (, a magazine about the digital commons, will be published in February 2021. The magazine is a pilot of Distributed Press (, a larger project to build digital publishing infrastructure that is managed collectively and horizontally. COMPOST will be published to multiple DWeb and Web endpoints, including Hypercore and IPFS and incorporate experiments with web monetization. The first issue will have around 12 pieces of digital art and writing, responding to the theme of Fertile Grounds. Contributors will explore how, as large swathes of the Web decay, how its remains can help new networks flourish. The pieces featured in COMPOST will be reflections on the projects, communities, technologies, protocols, and networks that enable authentic and trustful connections. This will be an asynchronous session for people to read/experience COMPOST throughout the course of the conference.

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Type Art and Media
Language English