Inclusive Digital Identity and Self-sovereignty for everyone

Zoom Room 2B
Uchi Uchibeke
The information we put out is controlled by large corporations who want to continue to gather data about people and have gone as far as providing payment-free browsing of their platforms in the developing world. This should change. This session will showcase alternative models that give control to the users and gives the option to selective share, monitor, and control access to the use of their information. I will discuss Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Digital ID, an open W3C standard, and focus on how Issuers, Relying parties, or Verifiers and Wallets can benefit by giving control back to the user. We hope to inspire Creators, Business leaders, and Developers to start looking into open-source standards like Verifiable credentials and Interlegder and frameworks like Trustbloc and Web Monetization and the work that Coil and others are doing

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Type Discussion - Capped
Language English