The Glass Room Misinformation Edition

Since 2016, Tactical Tech has been producing The Glass Room, an exhibition series which explores the themes of data, privacy and our relationship to technology. Our exhibitions are engaging, beautifully-designed, self-learning, public interventions that challenge our audiences of all ages to question their usage of technology, and give them simple resources to make sustainable changes in their digital lives. Our latest Glass Room project is the Misinformation Edition, a portable exhibit that can be set up in almost any space – as well as online. This edition comes at a critical time, when so many of us are at home and are more exposed than ever to the dangers of misinformation. It’s accompanied by our Data Detox Kit, which provides simple tips and tricks to recognize misinformation and to avoid spreading it. The Glass Room Misinformation Edition has already been translated into over twelve languages, with more planned. This session / art and media piece is hosted on a third party website.

Additional information

Type Art and Media
Language English