Oldernet Adventure!! A Digital Scavenger Hunt Through Cybercultural History

Art and Media
Alden Rivendale Jones
The internet of today can appear as a monolith, with a culture dominated by platforms owned by big tech giants. In this asynchronous digital scavenger hunt we will tour cybercultural history from the late 1980s through the modern era as a means to understand that the contemporary internet was in no way predetermined. It grew out of a particular set of values and goals that were prioritized over others, and it is in those others that we will be spending our time. From the dreams of the past we can see new ways forward for ourselves, to build better networks and stronger communities. Scavengers will be asked to find artifacts, artworks, images, and pieces of text curated from past online communities. Participants who complete the hunt will be awarded with an extra special _secret_ prize.

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Type Art and Media
Language English